Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Can you buy JUST GoPhone SIM Cards at AT&T stores?

I mean do they sell JUST 3G GoPhone SIM cards at AT%26amp;t stores?

Can you buy JUST GoPhone SIM Cards at AT%26amp;T stores?
A few months ago AT%26amp;T stores started selling just sim cards to try and keep up with other countries and how their service providers have allowed you to buy prepaid sim cards for use in unlocked phones for years. So yes you can do this.
Reply:Corporately owned AT%26amp;T stores dont charge for SIM cards if you have an account and need a new one. If you are looking to setup a new GoPhone account there is usually a $15 starter pack we have to sell out that has the SIM card in it. The $15 is really just the activation fee though.

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